Here are some tips on organizing a protest in your state. It's not difficult; it just takes a little time, imagination, planning, and effort. Keep us posted on your progress. Feel free to email any suggestions or helpful hints you discover. Good Luck!

Choose a public location for your protest. Make sure there is sufficient foot-traffic so you will be able to talk to people about the chemtrails.

Permits: You will need a permit from the city where your protest is being held. If the protest is also on state property, you will need a state permit, too. Check on these early, as you can't protest without a permit. Contact your local city and state government offices for more information pertaining to your particular area.

Press Release: Try to keep them to one page in length. Here's the one we used for the OKC protest. Send it to all the tv stations, radio stations, and newspapers in the area. Don't forget to send one to all your local elected officials. Email seems to be the most efficient and cost-effective way to send your press releases.

Bulletin Board & Website Announcements: Post your protest announcement on every pertinent bulletin board, forum, and website you can find. Do this a month prior to your protest, then again a couple of weeks prior, then again one week prior. The more publicity you can generate, the better chance you'll have to get folks to show up.

Posters and Banners: Keep it simple, and LARGE so it's easily readable from a distance. We used "FLU EPIDEMIC = CHEMTRAILS" and "JUST SAY NO CHEMTRAILS". There are some great tips here.

Flyers: There are two excellent examples here

T-Shirts: Be creative. If you've got a printer, you can get iron-on T-shirt transfer paper, and you're in business.