Oklahoma Joins Nationwide Chemtrails (Aerial Chemical Spraying) Protest, 1.22.00

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK--A group of Oklahoma citizens are joining the worldwide protest of aerial chemical spraying, commonly called "chemtrails", over what appears to be all populated areas of the United States, as well as parts of Europe and Australia. The demonstration will be held in front of the Governor's Mansion, 820 N.E. 23rd, Oklahoma City, OK, on Saturday, January 22, 2000, from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, while a simultaneous protest is being held in NYC at the New York Times building. We encourage all Americans, wherever they live, to coordinate something on Saturday, no matter how small. The important thing is that you're saying no.

The Boston-based Coalition, led by writer/activist, Andrew Amirault, includes:

     --Clifford Carnicom, of the Chemtrail Crimes Documented web site
        (; and

     --Will Thomas, journalist/author/videographer, the recognized expert on the chemtrails story

The Oklahoma-based Citizens' Group is led by Vicki Henry, Oklahoma activist.

Beginning in February 1999, a substantial body of factual evidence, including numerous telephotos and videotapes, has been accumulated that irrefutably demonstrates extensive and sustained military aircraft chemical spraying over U.S. citizens. The photographic evidence can be examined at the web sites above and is supported with testimony from countless observers across the nation. Moreover, the above web sites are regularly monitored by a host of upper echelon defense contractors, military agencies, government institutions, as well as chemical and health corporate interests.

"This combined evidence reveals one of the most egregious infringements upon human rights that has ever been committed," says Clifford Carnicom, "and it calls upon all citizens of the United States to orchestrate a massive and aggressive protest against these crimes. It is the time for our action."

The Oklahoma City protest will focus on the following:

1. That the spraying stop immediately, and until consent has been given by the citizens of Oklahoma, as required by U.S. CODE TITLE 50, SECTION 1520(a) -- Human Subjects Testing, REVISED Nov 1997;

2. That Governor Keating admit this spraying is going on and explain why it is taking place;

3. That Oklahomans should write or call Governor Keating's office and their local elected officials, to request a full investigation of this story, and report their findings to the public;

4. That the U.S. Congress order the department of the government responsible for this spraying to tell the citizens of the United States exactly what has been sprayed upon them, its purpose, the exact locations of the spraying and dates, exactly when it will be stopped, and how we can be assured that it will not resume unless there is public consent; and

5. That full disclosure be made of all health concerns related to the spraying, e.g., flu-like illness that lasts for weeks or months, nose bleeds, dizziness, etc., along with disclosure of appropriate medical treatment, where to receive such treatment, and treatment of choice to be paid for by the U.S. government for the entire population that has been sprayed.

"This is a classic cover-up by our government and the major media organizations," says Boston-coalition organizer Amirault. "The spraying has proven once again that lies and deception are the modus operandi of our elected officials, at all levels. Our government and media no longer have the merest shred of credibility, with agendas that clearly run contrary to the health and well-being of the people."

The issue is simple. Our government has used its citizens as lab rats before; and they are doing it again --but this time on an unprecedented scale. As citizens of the United States and of the State of Oklahoma, we have a right to be fully informed and advised of the ramifications of this aerial chemical spraying.

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NOTE: To view the letter sent to Gov. Keating in July 1999 (six months ago) with NO REPLY please visit

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