These symptoms will vary according to what chemical is being sprayed. Here in Oklahoma we have yellowish chemtrails, purplish chemtrails, brownish chemtrails, bright pink chemtrails, and black chemtrails. Each produce their own unique set of symptoms. Whenever the spraying stops for a few days (rarely), the symptoms disappear as quickly as they appear.

Aching Joints
Aching or Burning Muscles
Ankle Swelling
Bleeding Gums
Blurred Vision
Breathing Problems
Change In or Lack Of Taste
Chemical Sensitivities
Chest Pain or Pressure
Chronic Fatigue
Concentration Loss
Coughing Up Thick Saliva/Phlegm
Cuts & Wounds Slow to Heal
Dental Abscesses
Deteriorated Night Vision
Deteriorated Penmanship
Difficulty Finding Words
Difficulty Swallowing
Double or Wavy Vision
Ears Ringing
Eye Pain, Redness or Twitching
Eyes - Light Flashes
Excessive Sneezing
Excessive Thirst
Flushing of Skin
Frequent Clearing of Throat
Frequent Coughing
Frequent Urination
Hearing Loss
Heart Palpitations
Hoarseness/Weak Voice
Increased Salivation
Increased Visual Sensitivity to Light
Itchy Eyes
Lack of Bladder Control
Loose Teeth
Loss of Interest/Enthusiasm
Loss of Strength/Endurance
Lower Back Pain
Memory Loss
Metallic Taste in Mouth
Mood Swings
Mouth/Lip Sores
Muscle Spasms
Nasal Mucous Discharge
Neck Pain
Night Sweats
Numbness/Tingling in Arms, Hands, Legs, Feet, Lips
Poor Balance/Unsteadiness
Problems Thinking & Concentrating
Racing Pulse
Reduced Joint Mobility
Sensitivity to Cold/Easily Chilled
Shortness of Breath
Sinus Congestion or Pain
Skin Rashes
Short-term Memory Loss
Skin - Sunburn Sensation/Itching
Swollen Glands
Sleep Difficulties
Sore Throat
Speech Problems
Stomach Pain
Stuttering or Stammering
Swollen Glands
Trembling, Shaking, Twitching
Vision Problems
Wheezing at Rest
White "itchy-scaly" Between Toes & Fingers