15 USC Chapter 9A - Weather Modification


ACE-1 -- The Southern Hemisphere Marine Aerosol Characterization Experiment

ACE-2 North Atlantic Regional Aerosol Characterisation Experiment

ACE-Asia - A Prospectus for an Asian Aerosol Charicterization Experiment

Advanced Earth Observing Satellite (ADEOS)

Advanced Regional Prediction System (ARPS) - University of Oklahoma

Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS)
National Weather Service

AERONET - AErosol RObotic NETwork

AERONET - Canada - Sunphotometer Network

Aerosol Climate Forcing

Aerosol Research Branch - NASA Langley Research Center

Aerosols: Aerosol Chemical Composition, Inorganic

Aerosols99 and INDOEX

Air and Space Modeling and Simulation Executive Agent - DoD

Air Force 2025

Air Force Combat Climatology Center
A History of AFCCC and Military Applied Climatology

Air Force Weather in 2025

Air Force Weather Technical Library

Alaska Climate Research Center

Alberta Hail Project Aircraft Experiment

Alberta Severe Weather Management Society

Alien Astronomer - Top Secret Projects

American Geophysical Union
Atmospheric Sciences

An Evaluation of the U.S. Navy's Extremely Low Frequency Submarine
Communications Ecological Monitoring Program - National Academy Press

Anglo-Brazilian Amazonian Climate Observation Study (ABRACOS)

Applied Physics Laboratory
The Johns Hopkins University

Argonne National Laboratory - Atmospheric Sciences

ARM 1997

ARM - Alaska

ARM Cloud & Radiation Testbed Sites

(ARM) Program

ARM - Southern Great Plains Site

Army Research Lab - Battlefield Environment Division

Atmospheric Boundary Label Experiments(ABLE)
Argonne National Lab

Atmospheric Chemistry & Aerosol Group
Environmental Sciences Division - Oak Ridge National Lab

Atmospheric Ocean Sciences
Univ. of Wisconsin Madison

Atmospheric Electricity Home Page

Atmospheric Environment Services - Canada

Atmospheric Interactive Research

Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project

Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability(ARAC)

Atmospheric Research
Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Atmospherics, Inc. - Weather Modification

Aviation Weather Research Program (AWRP) - FAA

Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN)
World Radiation Monitoring Center (WRMC)

Biospheric Aspects of the Hydrological Cycle (BAHC)

Blackbeard Project

Board on Atmospheric Sciences (BASC)

Borderland Sciences

Boreas Information System - Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study

CANOPUS - MARIA Magnetometer and Riometer Array
Canadian Space Agency

Center for Analysis & Prediction of Storms (CAPS) - University of Oklahoma

Center for Clouds, Chemistry & Climate

Center for International Climate & Environmental Research - Oslo

Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium 2000
University of Nebraska

Cercle International Grle

Cirrus Cloud and Climate Modifications Due to Subsonic Aircraft

Climate and Global Dynamics

Climate Monitoring & Diagnostics Laboratory

Climate Research - Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum

Climate Stress Laboratory
Agricultural Research Service - U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Clouds & Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES)

Clouds in Climate Program

COAMPS Operational Satellite & Aircraft Test (COSAT)
Field Project Period: 4 August - 4 September 1999 offshore northern Oregon

Coastal Mesoscale Meteorological Research
Oregon State University

Coastal Meteorology Research Program (CMRP)
Dept. of Defense at the Univ. of Oklahoma

Colorado Water Conservation Board
Weather Modification

Columbia Earth Institute
Colum ia Universiy

Convection and Moisture Experiment (CAMEX) - NASA

Cooperative Atmosphere-Surface Exchange Study - 1999 (CASES-99)

Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies
Space Science & Engineering Center - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
Colorado State University

Criminal Politics
Secret Government Sponsored Weather Modification Goes Into High Gear

CSIRO Atmospheric Research - Australia

Data List on Air Environment

Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSO)

Defense Research Agency (DERA) Projects - UK Ministry of Defense

Dept. of Cloud Physics, Weather Modification & Radiation Studies
Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory

Dept. of Meteorology - Univ. of Maryland College Park

Desert Research Institute (DRI)

DoD Modeling & Simulation Executive Agent
Air & Space Natural Environment
Current Projects

DOE Office of Biological & Environmental Research

DOE Research Aircraft Facility

DRI Atmospheric Modeling

DRI Atmospheric Sciences Center

DRI Energy & Environmental Engineering Center

Earth Pulse News - Aspen Global Change Institute

Eastland Scientific Enterprises Corp.

Eco - The Climate Action Newsletter

Ecosystem Dynamics & the Atmosphere
NCAR Climate & Global Dynamics Division

Engineering Sciences & Systems Development
SRI International

Environment and Societal Impacts Group (ESIG) Research - NCAR

Environmental Verification & Analysis Center (EVAC)
Univ. of Oklahoma

European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)

Experiment for Regional Sources & Sinks of Oxidants (EXPRESSO)

Federal Research & Education Opportunities (FEDIX)

First ISLSCP Field Experiment (FIFE)

Fleet Numerical Meteorology & Oceanography Detachment

Forecaster's Tools


GAO's Comments on Climate Change Proposal
U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Geophysical Statistics Project (GSP)

Glacier - Rice University
Meteorology Links

Global Airborne Research
NOAA Aircraft Operations Center

Global Change Education Program
U.S. Dept. of Energy - Office of Biological & Environmental Research

Global Change Electronic Edition

Global Change Research Group
San Diego State University

Global Climate Change Briefing Book
Congressional Research Service

Global Climate Change Prevention Act of 1990

Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX)

Global Hydrology & Climate Center
Climate Research Topics

Global River Discharge Database
Oak Ridge National Lab

Global Soil Moisture Data Bank
Rutgers University

Global Soil Wetness Project

Global Tropospheric Chemistry: A Plan for Action - National Academy Press

Global Tropospheric Chemistry Program (GTCP)
Mauna Loa Observatory Photochemistry Experiment

Glossary of Important Terminology (Meteorology)

Goddard Space Flight Center's Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC)
Climatology Interdisciplinary Data Collection

Goddard Space Flight Center's Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC)
Global Land Biosphere Data and Information

Goddard Space Flight Center's Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC)
Interdisciplinary Data & Resources

Goddard Space Flight Center
Hydrology & Precipitation

GOES I-M DataBook
Loral Space Systems

Grassland Prototype Validation Exercise (PROVE)
Jornada Experimental Range - Las Cruces, New Mexico

GSFC Earth Science (GES)

Hail Prevention Experiment - Agen France

Handbook of Texas Online - Weather Modification

HAARP Home Page

High Plains Climate Center

IGAC Links

INDOEX - Indian Ocean Experiment

Institute of the Earth Science
The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Institute of the Ionosphere
Kharkov, Ukraine


Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
World Meteorological Organization

International Clearinghouse for Space Weather Information
University of Michigan

International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme

International Global Atmospheric Chemistry

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP)

International Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISTP)
Science Operations

International Space Weather Clearinghouse
University of Michigan

Ionospheric Data Archived at NGDC

ISCCP On-Line Data for Fire Field Campaigns

ISCCP On-Line Data For GEWEX Cloud System Study

(Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment)

Jet Propulsion Lab - Links to Internet Resources

Joint Agricultural Weather Facility

Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere & Ocean (JISAO)
University of Washington

Joint Office for Science Support (JOSS) Project Pages

Kansas Weather Modification Act

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Columbia University

Landings: Government / Research Aviation Servers

Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment (LBA)

LB 963: Authorizing Weather Modification Program by NRDs

Lightning & Atmospheric Electricity Research
Global Hydrology & Climate Center (GHCC)

Limestone Mountain Experiment (LIMEX)