Anomalous Contrails and Spraying

Atmospheric Effects of Aircraft Emissions Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute - Section of Atmospheric Composition

Chemtrail Aircraft

Chemtrail Crimes Documented

Chemtrail Info & Links - American Patriot Network

Chemtrails Again - Los Angeles

Chemtrails and Spraying - Grand Rapids, MI

Chemtrails - Contrails

Chemtrails Investigation

Chemtrails Network

Chemtrails - New Mexico

Chemtrails Over America

Chemtrails Over Los Angeles

Chemtrails Over Reno

Chuck Shramek Home Page

Cloud Seeding or Genocide

Contrail Connection

Contrail Information - Southern England

Contrail Message Board

Contrails & Climate Study

Contrails Are Bad News - The Netherlands

Contrails (Chemtrails)

Contrails or Chemtrails

CONtrails - Phoenix

Contrails - What Is Our Government Spraying On Us?

Dark Conspiracy

Effects of Contrails on Climate - B. Geerts and E. Linacre

English Contrail Information

Environment News - Sky Samples Analyzed

Evaluating Contrail Mystery


Government Forum - Chemtrails

Ground Zero/S4 Database Investigation - Mysterious Contrails

IUFO - Contrails Kill Thousands of Birds

Leading Edge Research Group : Mystery Bio Chemtrails Over the U. S.

Louisiana Chem Trails Alert Group

Mystery Contrails

Navarrone Technology

Orbit: Pulse Weapons

Poisonous Jet Contrails

Radio KAOS! - Olympia WA Chemtrails

Radio KAOS! - Rod's Page


Soucie's FYI

Strange Haze - Chemtrails or Contrails?


The Harbinger - Chemtrails Investigation

Weather Anomaly Page

World Net Daily

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