My theory on the chemtrail mess was weather modification. But on Monday, 10 January, 2000, the chemfog rolled in. I had lots of errands to do and was outside for about 3-4 hours. I had sneezed 2 or 3 times but no big deal. About 10 minutes after I got home, both sides of my nose started GUSHING blood. I don't get nose bleeds and this wasn't the anterior, minor kind, this was the posterior (no matter if I was leaning forward, standing, etc., blood was gushing down my throat). I would put a tissue to my nose with my left hand, and by the time I reached for another tissue with my right hand, the tissue in my left hand was completely soaked with blood. I had to use a towel. There were also large clots coming out. If you've ever had a bad head cold where you feel the mucous bubbling around in your head and in your ears, this is what it felt like, only it wasn't mucous, it was blood. I'm not squeamish and am usually very calm when there's an injury, etc., but I must admit, this freaked me out. When the bleeding finally stopped after about 20 minutes, we noticed that my ears were bright red and they felt like they were on fire. All day yesterday it felt like every sinus passage in my head was on fire and my eyeballs ached. Every joint in my body was sore and I was extremely cranky. Every footfall resounded in my head.

Suffice it to say, I now believe there is something going on here more sinister than weather modification.

Also, our window screens are full of a cobweb-like, sand colored substance. Every day, everything inside the house is covered in a sand-colored, fibrous, flour-like dust. Well, the morning after the nosebleed, I went outside to see what they were spraying on us that day. I noticed that everything that was concrete was covered with an oily film. When I tried to wash it off, it foamed, like soapy water. And to top that off, one of the cars had leaked a couple of puddles of motor oil in the carport. It's been there for a week or so. If you've ever seen motor oil that's leaked out, it appears dark brown. Well…all the motor oil turned to a sand-colored goo.  See pic below. The chemclouds that rolled in were a smoky, sandy color; same as the dust and the goo.


Please contact us if you have seen anything similarly unusual in your area. Thanks!

The color of the oil in the pic looks whiter than it really was. Below is a color sample - the color of the dust, and the color of the oil goo.

Notice how there's a chemical haze, separate from the clouds? All this week, we've had this haze. It is such a fine haze, it is hardly noticeable.